On Pedestals . . . well, actually, under them

I recently wrote an article about putting ourselves on pedestals and falling off of them.  The blog, A Life Overseas, published it today as a guest post.  Go check it out if you’re interested.


5 thoughts on “On Pedestals . . . well, actually, under them

  1. Dear Carole,
    I have just read your blog on the “A life overseas” posting. Thank you for sharing. I am pastoring an International Church in Siem Reap. We are currently doing a short series on Jonah and this week have come to Chapter 3 – The God of Mercy gives Jonah a second chance. Your piece is very relevant and I would like to read some extracts from it at our service today (we meet at 4:00pm local – ie Bangkok – time!). Thank you again and may God bless you and your family in your on-going journey with Him.


  2. That was one of the most beautiful explanations I’ve read about the inner struggle of walking this call of serving on foreign soil. How can we step off of the pedestal while still on the field and still in the midst of the call? The ‘fundraising’ still is a reality, the speaking, the sharing… yet, how to keep ourselves out of it?


    1. You’re absolutely right, Laura. It’s a tough balance. On the surface, perhaps people don’t see a difference, but this time around, we are really focusing on His glory and the plight of our people when we speak. We’re not speaking nearly as often, by the way. We also need to recognize that God gifts people to be speakers and leaders. Bonheoffer wrote about this balance (in Metaxas’ book, which I quote in the ‘Guilt in Freedom’ post), saying that it’s hard to even recognize that shift from Him to us. Thanks for commenting.


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