It was a quieter time, a calmer day
When people didn’t have so much to say
When thoughtfulness reigned
And answers restrained
Until we’d had time to reflect. …

For some reason, I’m occasionally sad that we only put one space after punctuation these days. It led me to think about how writing has changed, not just typographically but structurally, which led me to write an elegy for those missing punctuation marks and spaces. Because, as a reader, I miss them.

I stopped in at Almost an Author today to make fun of myself with the poem (of which you see the first stanza above) and to share my “two cents” on writing. It’s probably more like half of one cent. (Seriously, I’m amazed that they wanted to share it.) Anyway, if you are interested in writing narrative or if you want to see what happens when I try to write poetry that rhymes, here’s the link. In the lower half of the post, I share “3 Ways to Create Breathing Room in Your Writing,” which is the serious part of the post.


Almost An Author

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