We’re moving this week, and I just can’t settle my mind enough to write. I keep thinking of what to pack next or what needs cleaned at our new place. Plus, last week’s post about Peter is still on my mind. So I’ve gone back in the archives and cleaned up a few other posts about Peter to share with you today. I hope you find something you haven’t read previously or something the Lord wants to use in your life right now. Choose one–or all!–to read.

footwashing 1
foot-washing  (c) Carole Sparks

In Who’s Humble Now?, we take a closer look at when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, especially Peter’s (John 13). We consider real humility and how we can’t tell Jesus what to do, even if it feels like we’re getting better than we deserve.



11-26 fire pit (3)
Peter around the fire (c) Carole Sparks

Have you read about Peter’s denial of Jesus and thought, “What was he thinking?!?” In Rethinking Peter’s Denial, we dig into those hours and find he may have been thinking exactly what we would think in the same situation!



03-31 sunrise at Caswell (2)
Atlantic Ocean sunrise (c) Carole Sparks

A simple walk on the beach turns into an understated moment of forgiveness and an intense commissioning for Peter. Revisit Peter’s near-last conversation with Jesus in The Elephant on the Beach.



I feel like I still have so much to learn from Peter and his relationship with Jesus. There are more posts about them, too. You can search the Peter tag on the side bar if you haven’t had enough yet.

So much to learn from Peter’s relationship with Jesus! Peek into a few stories here. (click to tweet)

What do you think of Peter? Which story is your favorite? Which is your most challenging? What prevalent opinion of Peter do you wish would change? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you on this!

5 thoughts on “Summer Review: Peter

  1. I just read last week’s post about Peter. Wow! I love the part where you remind us that the men had been watching Jesus, but He had been watching them too. He knew they were the right men for what He called them to, and he provided for their families too!

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    1. Thanks! I find that I have themes and/or people towards whom I gravitate without realizing it. It was interesting to scroll back through my posts and see what the Lord has been doing in my life on a larger scale.

      Liked by 1 person

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