I had the enjoyable privilege of catching up with a fellow writer when I went to Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference back in May: Sandra Allen Lovelace.

Afterward, I interviewed her for PastorsWives.com because her wisdom is worth sharing! Even if you’re not a pastor’s wife, you’ll find some good advice here for managing church relationships. 

Carole and Sandra
Carole with Sandra at BRMCWC this year

Here’s an exclusive (as in, not in the final piece) couple of answers from our interview:

I was a country mouse, born and raised on the coast of Connecticut. Met and married my Providence, Rhode Island city mouse husband in college. We were both classroom teachers for six years before we started travelling. Our oldest daughter was born pre-seminary in Switzerland and the youngest post-seminary on Grand Cayman. We spent thirty years in pastoral ministry. This year we celebrate our forty-eighth anniversary.

The Lord has grown me into an international ministry to women, a stretching blessing. The experience has taught me that women are women across time and geography. I’m grateful for the opportunity and bask in the unity and diversity of the Godhead we reflect. My prayer is He refines that reflection that we might exalt His Name and broadcast His glory.

By the way, I chose this butterfly for the image because Sandra spent so many years like the quiet, overlooked caterpillar on the branch, but recently she’s emerged as a vivacious, expansive butterfly. Does that pique your interest? Click on over!

Exclusive background and additional info about @SandraALovelace from @carole_sparks’ interview for @pwconnect. (click to tweet)

You can leave a comment for us there, or click back over here to let me know how this fantastic woman inspires you.


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