This month on Pastor’s Wives, I share our approach to Halloween for the last couple of years. Whether you have children in the house or not, here’s one way to bless your neighbors on a day that seems not-so-blessed!

In the fifteen years we’ve had children in the house, we’ve tried just about every option. One year, we even hid in the house with the lights off and hoped no one rang the doorbell.

For the last two years, however, we’ve approached this cultural observation differently. We’ve chosen to redeem Halloween—at least on our street—and use it to bless our neighbors. It’s a friendly, non-threatening way for us to meet our neighbors and for them to rub shoulders with real Believers.

Click on over to Redeeming Halloween to read about our approach. If something strikes you, leave a comment there or flip back over here to let me know.

4 thoughts on “Redeeming Halloween

  1. Yes, I hope he shaves his head!!! Pictures please. But seriously, I agree with you. This cultural holiday is definitely redeemable. Satan doesn’t own this day. We can lift up Jesus on this day and all the others. And for the record, I have hidden in years past. Hiding sure doesn’t reflect the God I know and love.

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    1. Problem is, I have to make him a monk’s robe, and I’m not sure I’m up for that…
      It’s true Jesus never hid, but he sometimes got out of the way. While it may not be right for you and me these days, there are people for whom that might be the best option while they “work out their faith.” But hopefully, with advance discussion like this, we can all respond to God’s best for us at the end of the month.


  2. Thanks, Carole. This outs a great way to
    ‘ love your neighbor. We live in the country ether trick-or- treating is impossible so our women’s Bible study out together a trunk -or- treat at the church property. The people who can from the area were thankful to have a place to go. It was fun for us too.

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