Imagine Hannah’s heart (1 Samuel 1) as she trudged up the hill to the temple yet again without a child. Imagine her inner struggle as to whether she should continue to believe God.

We’ve all been there: times when we were ready to go but God was ready for us to wait. It’s a unique kind of burden.

It usually requires years of experience in petitionary prayer to get the perspective necessary to see some of the reasons for God’s timing. In some cases we realize that we needed to change before we were able to receive the request rightly or without harming ourselves. In other cases it becomes clear that the waiting brought us the thing we wanted and also developed in us a far more patient, calm, and strong temperament. There are other nuances and beauties to God’s wise schedule that we can just barely glimpse.  -Tim Keller Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God (2014, pg. 236)

This month on Pastor’s Wives, I reflect on waiting and how God expects us to act in the meantime. Check it out, then leave me a comment there or drop back over here to let me know what you think!

The heavy weight of #waiting strengthens us for what lies ahead. @pwconnect @carole_sparks #pastorswives (click to tweet)

weight of waiting
(c) Carole Sparks

6 thoughts on “The Weight of Waiting

  1. There are many things that have come from seasons of waiting in my life. I’m in one of those right now.
    I’ve learnt to rest in Him.
    I’ve learnt my identity in Christ.
    I’ve learnt contentment. Well actually I’m still learning that 😂.
    This was very well written Carole.

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  2. I know that I know that I know waiting is wholly good, when God does not deliver His answers on my timeline. I’ve seen evidence of His goodness countless times. You’d think by now being hopeful rather than angry or anxious in the waiting would be my default response. Yet…. I’m still waiting to be hopeful in the waiting process. 🙂 Good word for those of us in a season of what feels to be excruciating, striving to leave the ‘knowing what’s up’ to God until He reveals His reasons for making me wait.

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    1. I would think the same of myself, yet I still find myself questioning every delay…which means I’m questioning his goodness and sovereignty. Ah sanctification–it’s hard to come by.


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