I am not a singer. I want to be, but I’m not. Still, I can belt out worship songs with the best of them…as long as the people around me are a little forgiving.

I like to worship beside my husband who, like me, sings out loud (even when he doesn’t know the tune yet) and raises his hands with the best of them–very unlike the stoic, stiff figures of many of our fathers. He won’t mind me telling you that sometimes he even cries. Still, I feel bad for the people behind us because he’s so tall, then he stands up and raises his hands…I’m sure people three rows back can’t see the screen. So we usually sit near the back.

I tell you this because we had the privilege of attending a marriage retreat last February (2017), and God used a new worship song there to show me something wonderful about my man and my marriage. Click on over to Pastor’s Wives for the full story!

God for us meme
God for Us (c) Carole Sparks

Have you experienced a worship song that seems like it was written for you, in your unique situation? After you read the post, come back here and share about it in the comments below!


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