I recently came upon a delightful challenge to biblical meditation specially tailored for us #wordnerds. The challenge is to rewrite Psalm 23 alliteratively, that is, using a single letter for as many words as possible. I’m currently working on Q, and I’ll add it at the bottom when I’m finished. But in the meantime, here’s my meditation using the letter S. I hope it blesses you. Find L and G at the link above.

Psalm 23 in the Letter S

The Sovereign is my shepherd,
I am sufficiently supplied.
He settles me in a supple country side,
He escorts me beside silent streams,
He strengthens my soul.
He steers me straight on suitable streets
For the sake of his historic significance.
Suppose I stumble through shadowed situations,
Still I am not scared of Satan,
For you surround me;
Your stick and your staff soothe me.
You set a sumptuous spread before me
In sight of my disparagers.
You smear my skull with slick oil;
My glass spills with surplus.
Surely your sanctification and security will support me
Through the sunset of my life span,
Thus I will stand in the shelter of the All-Sufficient One ceaselessly.


Psalm 23 in the Letter S: a biblical #meditation for #wordnerds via @Carole_Sparks. #NotAboutMe (click to tweet)

Want to try? You can add yours in the comments below or post it on your own blog. I’d love to read them!


9 thoughts on “Psalm 23 in the Letter S

      1. Psalm 23 in the letter D

        Dubbing His dear domesticated dimwits ‘devoid of desires’ does the Divine.

        He deliberately drags me to dales of dewy daisies and delivers me to the drink.

        He deems me delivered from death; He dares me to dance divinely for His Deity.

        Dabbling in deep darkness, I defy despair, for Divinity doubles me; Your Divine dowel drains my doubt.

        You deal me dinner before my detractors. You deck my dome with Dapper Dan; my dessert dish is doubled.

        Declarations of delight and desire do not dwindle for days, and I definitively dwell with the Divine for decades and decades of dawns!

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  1. Wow, this seems like it must have been quite a challenge, but it certainly made you dwell on His word to search for just the right S word. Seems like spending that much time rewriting stamped this passage on your heart forever!

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