Martha, Martha, Martha. Oh wait, wrong reference–one you’d have to be of a certain age to understand: the Brady Bunch age. Marcia Brady could order delivery pizza. Martha in the New Testament could not.

In my post for Pastor’s Wives this month, I share my heart about Martha, the much-maligned sibling of Mary and Lazarus. Put yourself in her shoes for a minute and ask yourself what you would have done when the Messiah walked into your living room (Luke 10:38-42).

There was no place to call for delivery pizza. Would she have ordered pizza if she could? It’s a question worth asking. Click here to find out what I think.

(My post for Pastor’s Wives is taken from this previous, longer post here on the blog. And this point plays a key part in my Bible study, Dwell: Mary, Martha & Lazarus.)

A Papa John’s delivery would have solved many of Martha’s problems. But would she have called them? This month’s post for @pwconnect, via @Carole_Sparks. My #service is #NotAboutMe. (click to tweet)

pizza delivery meme
(c) Carole Sparks

2 thoughts on “What if Martha Ordered Pizza?

  1. In reference to your article, I love that you mentioned Martha being the one who did the inviting in the first place and wanted her product to be excellent – which is truly admirable. There is that gray area where pride pecks away and makes it be all about me rather than the recipient…

    I need to keep the recipient of my preparations in mind rather than how it will make me look. Now for take out pizza. And I should send you the bill 🙂

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    1. Sometimes we even start out mostly-right and lose it along the way. Keller’s book, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness, helped me with this.
      On pizza: I can’t afford to support my own pizza habit! And now it seems my kids have inherited the same weakness.
      That pizza in the header photo is the BEST, but it’s a local place. Come see me and I’ll take you there!


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