Dwell is a new series of guides for Bible study. Think about it…

  • How many times have you finished your morning quiet time, closed your Bible, and within five minutes, you’ve forgotten what you read?
  • How do we bring the Word of God into a place that it informs every part of our lives throughout the day?
  • What if you could remember the elements of a Bible passage (and not just the ones with children’s songs—like Zacchaeus) as well as you remember an episode of your favorite TV show?
  • What if God used the very verses you studied in the morning to guide you through the rest of your day?

In Dwell, Carole Sparks walks the reader into the Biblical narrative, engaging not just the mind but also the spirit, the emotions, and sometimes even the senses.  Together, Carole and the reader create a unique Bible study experience that surpasses the mere accumulation of facts.  She says of the series, “We will not simply know more; we will become more—more like Him and more involved with His Will on earth.”  Participants may supplement their personal study with a weekly small group session focused on encouraging each other through discussion of the individual work.

While the actual study requires about thirty minutes a day, the reader will find the truths of the Word sinking into his or her mind and affecting the rest of each day!

The first in the series, Dwell: Mary, Martha & Lazarus, is ready for publication.

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