The Generous Heart (conclusion)

God continues to generously pour out understanding about the essentiality of generosity, but we have to stop sometime. Perhaps this isn’t my final post on the topic, but it’s still a conclusion.

We began the year by looking at God’s heart, and we’ll conclude it by considering our own hearts. Continue reading


Chasing Jesus

The crowds just kept getting bigger. Jesus had healed many sick people and did other miracles. (John calls them ‘signs.’) When he tried to take a break, escaping by boat, many people followed Him around the Sea of Galilee to somewhere near Bethsaida (NIV Study Bible notes). Then He started handing out free food. He fed five thousand men, plus women and children, from the lunch box of one boy (John 6:1-14).

Not the way to thin your crowds, Jesus. Everybody likes free food. Continue reading