Q & A with John the Baptist

Sometimes I wish we still wrote pamphlets with incredibly long titles.* If so, this post/pamphlet would be: “’Who are You, Then?’ and Other Questions Asked of John the Baptist Which He Probably Also Asked Himself,” or “Two Sides to the Conversation: John the Baptist’s Exchange with the Religious Leaders” or “The Confluence of Identity and Faith, as Presented in John the Baptist’s Exchange with the Temple Delegation.” Actually, those sound like master’s thesis titles, and I promise this is not a thesis!

We’ll just stick with “Q & A.” Continue reading

Not What I Signed Up For

About 40,000 soldiers—men “armed for battle,” Joshua 4:13 calls them—crossed the Jordan ready to fight for possession of their promised land. They had undoubtedly trained for years in various forms of warfare, and they were ready for their big test…ready to prove themselves as warriors and heroes.

Joshua 6:6-21. Continue reading