I didn’t know it until WordPress told me, but last week’s post was my 100th on this blog! What is more, since mid-September 2015, I’ve blogged every single week. Seems like it’s time to celebrate, doesn’t it? Today, I’m highlighting some of my earlier posts: stories and studies that you may have missed because you weren’t following me yet. I’ve revamped them to match my current format, adding pictures, subtitles, better tags, etc.


Take a look at a few posts that interest you (from the list below or from the archives) and leave a comment here. Tell me which posts you read (or re-read) this week and which post, out of all 100!, has been significant to you. Everyone who comments will be entered in a drawing to win one free digital copy of Don’t Waste Your Life, by John Piper. Even if you’re not a big Piper fan, this easy-to-read book includes his personal testimony and some fantastic encouragement. In fact, it was part of my impetus to start writing. Read more about the book by scrolling down on the I Just Read… page.

Want more ways to enter the drawing? You can…

  1. Follow this blog (sidebar on the right).
  2. Follow me on Twitter.
  3. Follow me on Instagram.
  4. Like my Facebook page.

I’ll include your name again for each action. The drawing will take place on Friday, July 29, 2016, so you only have one week!

Here are the updated posts.


A - bird at pool
(c) Carole Sparks

God’s Priority: His Kingdom – When Jesus chose to heal the crippled man beside the pool of Bethesda, He had a particular purpose in mind.




stream bed
(c) Carole Sparks

Whaddaya Want? – What is the purpose of prayer? Here’s one answer, found in a miracle of Jesus.


“Story remains a basic human path toward the discovery and ordering of meaning and beauty.” –Jane Hirshfield

07-27 roller coaster (6)
Six Flags Over Georgia (c) Carole Sparks

Faith is in the Gap* – Remember the last time you rode a roller coaster? I make a comparison here between the experience of climbing onto the roller coaster and faith in our lives. It’s a creative, fun piece.



castle near Kaub, Germany (c) Carole Sparks

The Ball Gown – A Parable – Sometimes people are hesitant to put their spiritual gifts on display, thinking they will detract from God. This flash fiction piece (though I didn’t know that term when I wrote it) dispels that idea.




“The process of revising a poem is no arbitrary tinkering, but a continued honing of the self at the deepest level.” –Jane Hirshfield

08-27 Greece (121)
Parthenon Museum, Athens (c) Carole Sparks

Who Am I? – a poem about identity that, ironically, is Not About Me.





12-16 Kizimkazi sunset (2)
(c) Carole Sparks

Flat Earth Society – This is probably my favorite poem on the blog. Let me know what you think about it.




07-03 2014 Bristol Caverns (14)
Bristol Caverns (c) Carole Sparks

Illumination – I was thinking about spiritual blindness and how we come to truly see.

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