Nothing can beat a week in the mountains, surrounded by people who “get” you, with your combined love for Jesus and crazy #grammarnerd brain. Yes, it was the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Around 500 writers–from newbies to seasoned, best-selling authors–spent the week worshiping, practicing, and learning from each other. Well, mostly the newbies learned from the experienced writers. 

For me, it wasn’t much of a sacrifice except for the end-of-the-school-year events I missed with my children. I love to learn, to meet new people (one-on-one, no big parties, please), and to take a break from cooking/housework/chauffeuring. But my family really sacrificed. I want to make sure those sacrifices weren’t in vain by following through on the commitments I made at Blue Ridge.

Read more about what I mean over at Almost An Author. If it resonates with you, leave me a comment there or pop back over here to say something.

The significance of my sacrifice is incomplete until I finish what I started. (click to tweet)

One thought on “Follow-Thru Honors the Sacrifices

  1. I’m glad you got to go, and I understand about the sacrifices your family made to allow you to go to the conference. (I’m going to visit family by myself for a couple of days and my husband is at this moment holding down the home front 🙂 staying home, taking care of the kids and driving them everywhere 🙂 ).

    Regarding the follow through, yes it will be hard on all of you to make do with other things and for you to go without something ( probably sleep!) but the results will be worth it 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing some of these tips and techniques implemented in your writing 🙂

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